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Niche & Nook Flowers
Houston, Texas

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Niche & Nook Flowers is a floral design studio based in Houston, Texas. At Niche and Nook Flowers, I aim to craft organically beautiful and unique floral arrangements for every occasion. 

All of the designs are created by me: Monica Melsness, floral designer and owner of Niche & Nook Flowers.  I was formally trained at Flower School New York and had the pleasure of being taught by Ingrid Carozzi, Ariella Chezar, Oscar Mora, Laura Seita, Meridith Waga-Perez, Calvert Crary, and Meghan Riley, where they taught me to further hone my skills.

Working with flowers is something that gives me peace of spirit and I feel lucky to do what I love.

Each of my creations are genuinely inspired by the energy of ever-changing flora. I like to think that nature is beautiful on its own and should be embraced with each floral arrangement and installation.